10mm Thin Porcelain Turbo Blade

10mm Thin Porcelain Turbo Blade


  • Features:

    Diamond Turbo Blade with thin rim, optimal for cutting porcelain, tile, thasos, cermaics, and more.  The thin turbo blades comes with a 10 mm segment height and mesh rim.  Great combination of smooth cutting and cutting life. 

  • Specification:


    Item# Size Arbor Segment Height MaxRPMS
    TTPB-B04 4" 5/8-7/8" 10mm 13,200
    TTPB-B045 4.5" 5/8-7/8" 10mm 13,200
    TTPB-B05 5" 5/8-7/8" 10mm 13,200

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