3 Step Black Pad

3 Step Black Pad

Diaplus has created our newest and greatest pad with even higher diamond concentration. You will achieve an ultimate polished shine with the 3-step Diamond Polishing Pad. Save time, money and achieve the greatest results with this unique 3-step polishing pad. 

Although you will achieve great polish on the Diaplus pad, it will not sacrifice the life. The unique pattern on the Diaplus pad will also allow fabricators to reach into those complex spots.


  • Features:

    • Designed for Quartz, Engineered Stone, and Natural Stone
    • 3 Step Polishing for a fast polishing process
    • Mix of diamond grits
    • High Quality Hook n Loop
    • Best mix of price and quality 
  • Specification:

    Item# Size Grit Max RPM
    DPB3S01 4" Step1 3000-4500
    DPB3S02 4" Step2 3000-4500
    DPB3S03 4" Step3 3000-4500


Samples are available upon request. Please click [Here] to contact us