All Cut Blade

All Cut Blade

  • This specialized Dia Plus Multi Cut Blade features soft, medium, and hard bonding agent segments that alternate around the blades’ core
  • Ideal for applications such as (but is not limited to): Pavers, granite, bluestone, slate, sandstone, limestone, old concrete, green concrete, imbedded rebar- THIS IS A TRUE MULTI-PURPOSE ALL CUT BLADE! 
  • Features a unique design with drop segments for under-cut protection, including cooling holes which prevent overheating – also extends blade life 
  • Intended for wet and dry use 
  • Made in Korea
  • Features:

    Dia Plus All Cut Blade-Concrete Saw Blade, Masonry Blade, Cutting Concrete


    This is "THE BLADE" when you are looking for a high quality diamond blade that will cut nearly anything! The Dia Plus Multi-cut blade has been designed specifically with hard, medium and soft bonding agents that allow cutting of pavers, concrete, green concrete, asphalt, brick, rcp pipe, granite, bluestone, slate, sandstone, limestone, and imbedded rebar. Don't see your application listed? Ask a sales representative! This blade will cut nearly anything. Can be used wet OR dry.

  • Specification:

    Item # Size


    Arbor Max RPM
    XLMULTI14 14”

    General All Purpose/Concrete/Asphalt

    1”/20MM 4365


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