Aluminum Turbo Cup Wheel

Aluminum Turbo Cup Wheel


  • Features:

    • Light-weight Aluminum body turbo cup wheel with high diamond concentration

    • Decrease workers fatigue and increase productivity

    • Just aggressive enough to achieve a smooth, clean finish

    • Attaches to all standard hand-held grinders and polishers

    • Aluminum body

    • Comes with a 5/8”-11 thread attachment

    • Available in sizes 4”-6” with appropriate grit progressions
    • Designed for granite, marble, and other types of stones 
  • Specification:

    Item# Size Grit Max RPM
    DPALUM4C 4" X 5/8"-11F Coarse 8000
    DPALUM4F 4" X 5/8" -11F Medium 8000
    DPALUM4M 4" X 5/8" -11F Fine 8000

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