Hydra Silent Marble Blade

Hydra Silent Marble Blade


  • Features:

    The Best Diamond Bridge Saw Blade for cutting marble and soft stones


    Specially Designed To Cut Marble On A Bridge Saw


    Definitely smooth cuts on marble that will result into chip free edges. For use on marble and other soft stones such as travertine, limestone with optimal performance. 

    DIAPLUS Korea engineers the highest quality bridge saw blades for stellar performance for multiple applications. You will achieve a faster production using this Hydra Silent Marble Blade. 


    Fast Cutting 

    Wet Use Only 

    Made in Korea 


    Made in Korea 

  • Specification:

    Item# Segment Height Arbor Max Rpms
    DPHM14 10mm 50/60 4,500
    DPHM16 10mm 50/60 4,500
    DPHM18 10mm 50/60 4,500

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