Electroplated Blade (Alpha Type)

Electroplated Blade (Alpha Type)


  • Features:

    Dia Plus Electroplated Marble Blade is designed to cut marble, limestone, sandstone, and soft stones.  This diamond blade is made in Korea and uses fine electroplated diamonds to optimize cutting performance.  Cutting sandstone and marble is made easy by using Dia Plus Electroplated Diamond Blade. 

    • ​​​​​​Electroplated blade with side protection allows for a smooth, chip-free cut Ideal cut on Marble Applications, Engineered Glass, and Porcelain 
    • 4 holes made for flush cut adapter 
    • For Wet AND Dry use 
    • Made in Korea
  • Specification:

    Item# Size Arbor Max RPM
    DPEPB4 4" 5/8"-7/8" 12,000
    DPEPB45 4.5" 5/8"-7/8" 12,000
    DPEPB5 5" 5/8"-7/8" 12,000
    DPEPB6 6" 5/8"-7/8" 12,000
    DPEPB7 7" 5/8"-7/8" 12,000


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