Hercules II Blade - DPH25

Hercules II Blade - DPH25

Dia Plus Hercules Granite Blade-Quartzite Blade, Diamond Saw Blade


The Dia Plus Hercules Blade is ideal for cutting granite, quartzite, and engineered stone.  The diamond saw blade is available in 14",16",and 18".  Cutting granite is made easy with the Hercules Diamond Blade.  The Hercules Bridge Saw Blade has a silent core, 25mm segment height, and all the premium diamonds needed to cut granite smoothly and quickly.

  • Features:

    Dia Plus Hercules – Silent Core

    ·         Dia Plus presents the fastest and precise blade in the industry to date

    ·         The newly designed Hercules blade by Dia Plus with 25mm Segment Height 

    ·         Performs to ensure the fastest and cleanest cut on the market

    ·         Silent core to reduce noise when operating 

    ·         Available in 14” – 18” 

    ·         Made in Korea

  • Specification:

    Item# Size Arbor Segment Suggested RPM Max RPM
    DPH2014 14" 50/60 20mm 1,660 4,365
    DPH2016 16" 50/60 20mm 1,360 3,820
    DPH2018 18" 50/60 20mm 1,200 3,395
    DPH2514 14" 50/60 25mm 1,660 4,365
    DPH2516 16" 50/60 25mm 1,360 3,820
    DPH2518 18" 50/60 25mm 1,200 3,395

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