Metal Dot Snail Lock

Metal Dot Snail Lock


  • Features:

    Metal Dot Snail LockFor Grinding Concrete and Removing Coatings

    The Dia-Plus Concrete Metal-Dot Snail Lock are a revolutionary metal grinding Snail Lock that virtually eliminates the need for grinding cup wheels in concrete counter top fabrication, and concrete floor edge work. These Snail Locks have a longer life, smoother finish and flexibility are all factors that make the Dia-Plus Metal Dot Snail Locks the "MUST HAVE" concrete hand tool.

  • Specification:

    Disc Type Size Bond Mesh
    Metal Dot Snail Lock  3" Soft/Medium/Hard 30,60,120,150
    Metal Dot Snail Lock  4" Soft/Medium/Hard 30,60,120,150
    Metal Dot Snail Lock 5" Soft/Medium/Hard 30,60,120,150

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