Turbo Quartzite Diamond Blade

Turbo Quartzite Diamond Blade

The Diaplus Turbo Quartzite Diamond Blade was designed for cutting extremely hard materials such as Quartzite, Engineered Stone, Quartz and like stone. Made with high diamond concentration and special bond for hard materials, the Diaplus Turbo Quartzite Blade will ensure a fast and clean cut.


It features extra cooling holes to extend the life and productivity and a thin mesh pattern that will give you a sharp and precise cut every time. Can be used wet or dry on hard materials. Made in Korea.


  • Tech Specs

    Item# Size Arbor Max RPM Application
    DP-TQ5 5” 5/8” – 7/8” 12,000 Quartzite
    DP-TQ6 6” 5/8” – 7/8” 10,185 Quartzite




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