DiaPlus 5-Step System

Revive and transform concrete surfaces effortlessly with our innovative 5-step package.

2-Step Grinding

We've revolutionized grinding with our cutting-edge bullseye grinding segments, compatible with a wide range of popular grinders. These segments offer exceptional versatility, allowing you to use the same set of diamonds on multiple machines.

Universal Compatibility

Multi-Machine Efficiency

Innovative Technology

Extended Lifespan

Rapid Precision

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3-Step Polishing

Traditional concrete polishing typically requires a labor-intensive 7-step process. Our innovative 3-step concrete polishing pads break free from convention by reducing the number of steps in half.

These pads deliver a stunning polished finish in significantly less time, allowing you to achieve remarkable results effortlessly. They are designed to be used in conjunction with our step 2 floor grinding segments for a comprehensive polishing solution.

Streamlined Process

Effortless Brilliance

Perfect Pairing

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