Quartzite Hercules Blade - DPH-Q

Quartzite Hercules Blade - DPH-Q


  • Features:

    The Hercules for Quartzite has been uniquely designed to specifically cut Quartzite material. This silent blade has been configured to cut with minimal chipping on the hardest quartzite material along with granite and engineered stone with its reinforced steel core. Will also cut amazing on granite and marble.  Use the Hercules Quartzite blade for miter and straight cuts! 

  • Specification:


    Item# Size Segment Height Arbor Size Max RPMS
    DPH-Q-1420 14" 20mm 50/60 1,500
    DPH-Q-1620 16" 20mm 50/60 1,300
    DPH-Q-1820 18" 20mm 50/60 1,200

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