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14" Arrayed Pattern Granite Blade - BRS14

14" Arrayed Pattern Granite Blade - BRS14

The arrayed diamond pattern on segments of the blade enables faster and smoother cuts, increasing the lifespan by 30% compared to standard blades.

Specifically designed for use on the Blue Ripper Rail Saw Jr and Sr, this blade is perfect for granite applications. Conventional wisdom has held that a fast-cutting diamond blade and a long-lasting one cannot coexist – until now.

DiaPlus's ARRAY pattern granite blade offers both speed and durability. Plus, its semi-silent operation adds to its convenience.


Item# Size Arbor Segment RPMS
BRS0810R 8" 7/8" - 5/8"" 10mm  4300
BRS1410R 14"" 50/60mm 10mm 3450
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