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Achilles Porcelain/Crystallized Blade

Achilles Porcelain/Crystallized Blade

Dia Plus Achilles Blade for Porcelain/Crystallized Glass 

  • Designed and engineered to perform sharp, precise cuts with no chipping 
  • High quality cuts, specifically for those special applications: Porcelain and Crystallized Glass
  • High Performance blade at an cost effective price -  that is guaranteed to outperform those high priced blades on the market 
  • Silent core – designed to reduce noise levels 
  • 50/60mm Arbor size – standard 
  • Available in sizes 14” – 18” 
  • Made in Korea


Achilles Blade-Porcelain Bridge Saw Blade, Glass Blade

This Achilles Blade is designed for slow, clean-cutting on several types of glass, porcelain, and other stubborn materials. These applications make it very challenging on most blades, but the Achilles is a warrior and cuts through with no problem. Even pesky miter cuts can be slayed by the Achilles Diamond Blade

Available in Silent and NON Silent


Item# Size Arbor Segment Height Max RPMS
DPACHNON14 14", Non-Silent 50/60 8mm 3,820
DPACH14 14", Silent 50/60 8mm 3,820
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