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Dry Core Bit with Side Protection

Dry Core Bit with Side Protection


  • Can be used dry or wet
  • For Use on Granite, Quartz, Concrete and any other hard natural or engineered stones

Dia Plus Dry Core Bit-Hole Saw For Granite-Dry Core Bits

Dia Plus dry core bit is designed to easily go through granite, quartzite, and engineered stone. The dry core bits have holes on the side to allow heat to escape, keeping the bit cool and working hard. It has diamond side protection on the side of the hole saw to allow for cutting throughout the drilling process. The dry core bits come in a variety of sizes to fit your fabrication needs.

The Dia Plus Supreme Black Dry Bit is manufactured in Korea and is made with the highest quality diamonds in the industry. The Diamonds are located on the inside and outside of the core bits barrel that reduces friction, which in turn results in lower heat and less drag. The reduced heat allows the bit to preform at higher RPMS without decreasing the life of the bit.

What Makes This Core Bit better then the others?

There are many variables to consider when making a premium core bit. one of the most important being temperature. Core bits that work at lower temperatures in most cases are able to grind at a higher speeds allowing for a faster cleaner cut. The Dia Plus Supreme Black Dry Core bit can preform on materials as hard as quartzite at revolutions exceeding 8000 RPM's.

The Life of the Core bit is another variable to take in account for. The Diaplus Supreme Black Dry Core Bit can drill a excess of 40 holes (varying on material) and in some cases can exceed that limit. This Core bit is made to last guarantied to make the cut time after time.

  • This T segment dry core bit is the fastest and cleanest core bit we have ever tested to date
  • For use on Granite and other natural stones
  • Wet or dry use.
  • Use with water to prolong the life
  • 5/8"-11' thread
  • Vacuum Brazed side diamonds makes for extremely fast cutting
Item# Size Item Description Max RPM
DPCDB114 1-1/4" Dry/Wet Use with Side Protection 6,500
DPCDB138 1-3/8" Dry/Wet Use with Side Protection 6,500
DPCDB112 1-1/2" Dry/Wet Use with Side Protection 6,500
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