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Amuna Cup Wheel

Amuna Cup Wheel


DIAPLUS Mutti Layer Vacuum Brazed Cup Wheel is the most AGGRESSIVE, but Light Weight cup wheel you have and will ever use.

Easy handling due to the lightness produces less vibration and noise. Great performances on the surfaces and sides of edges on concrete and coatings and more. Intended for hard concrete.

  • Ultra light cup wheel for less drag on angle grinder and individual
  • Multi-Layer Vacuum Brazed Technology
  • Fast removing of concrete and coatings
  • Smooth scratch pattern that allows to cut like a course aluminum cup wheel but leave the scratch pattern of a medium to fine grit
  • New technology to separate and outperform competition
  • 5/8-11 Thread
  • Size 4"
  • Max RPM 1200 on Angle Grinder
  • Designed for concrete

Benefits: Lightweight, less vibration and less noise

Item# Size
AMUN440-T 4" X 5/8"-11F
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